Thursday, February 19, 2015

Out here in Clarksville

Hello familia!
Well this week has been good but very different. I got transferred!
And now I am here in Clarksville tennessee! It's the northern part of
tennessee, and I am actually like on the border of Kentucky. I think
probably 15-20 minutes away. It's pretty cool here. I also think it's
like the 5th biggest city in tennessee.
Okay so on Monday night Sabu wanted to take us to dinner with the
Hales, and he took us to like the nicest restaurant ever. It was like
this New Orleans place, right on the river, and it was really nice,
and by far wayyy to expensive too.. Like this place had a dress code!
But not like a dress code in fraiser, where they cut your tie off, but
like I wouldn't be surprised if they made you put a tie on! Seriously.
We felt bad because it was so expensive... But Sabu insisted that we
get what we want and not to share plates... It was so nice of him! It
was hard to say goodbye to everyone in columbia. It is just like the
best place ever!
I do like it here but I am missing columbia a ton! My new companion,
Hermana LaPine is really awesome she is so funny. We are having a good
time so far! But man white washing is tough.... We have like zero
people in our area book.... It's awful. We feel like we are opening
this area or something. Haha but we are super excited. There are tons
of missionaries here too! There are like 5 Clarksville wards and they
all have a set of missionaries plus there is a YSA group too and there
are missionaries too. So I think overall like 6 sets of missionaries
here in Clarksville. It's pretty fun.
My apartment is like SO nice compared to the one in columbia aaaaaand
it's smoke free!!! Yahoo!!!! Seriously. It's amazing how much better I
have been feeling since leaving that awful smoke chamber. But we did
have to do some mega deep cleaning here. Since elders use to live
here... Man just awful. But it's a ton better now too! So that's good
So since we are basically starting from scratch here we have just been
doing a ton of finding and visiting members/less actives. There was a
Spanish branch here and about 4 months ago it got dissolved... Sad. So
we are just trying to get and visit all those who use to be in it.
It's been hard but good to not be with Hermana Torres. That sounds
bad, but I don't mean it badly. I miss her sooooo much, but it's been
good because I have really had to be working on my Spanish. And I
surprisingly know a lot more than I thought. Hermana LaPine has only
been out for about 8 months so we both are still workin on the
Spanish, but we are able to contact and teach lessons so that's just
great too :) I am so excited for this area!! And for how much I think
I will grow. It will be good!
Sunday was a really good day! Like we had a full day of church. Since
the Spanish branch broke up they just assigned the Spanish members to
their Ward they live in, so we have to go to 3 church meetings...
Yahoo!! Haha it's good but man it's also just a long day. Also we got
asked to teach a primary class like 5 minutes before it started so
that was interesting too. But it's fun to get to know so many people.
Annmnnnnd tons of members feed us. We usually have a dinner every
single night this week. Yahoo. Clarksville is like totally opposite
from Columbia from like everything, both good and bad.
Clarksville also is referred to as the army town. There is s base,
fort Camble here in Clarksville and almost all the families in the
wards here are army families. It's cool but also sad because like
these cute young mothers are just here by themselves without their
husband, a lot are deployed, I just feel bad for them. But they are so
strong and just so cool! We had a dinner with a sister, sister dearden
and she is like 27 and her husband is in like ranger school and so she
is just home alone all the time, it's so sad because she is sooooo
cute! She is like my hero and I want to be her... So creepy but true.
She served her mission is Phoenix, Spanish speaking so she is going to
come out with us a ton I'm excited. She is awesome!
Well over all this last week has been a good one! I am excited to see
what is in store for us in the next 5 weeks! Also sad news.... I had
gone my whole mission without seeing any snow... And this morning we
woke up to snow.... I mean I love the snow.... But not as a
missionary... It's too cold! And so funny story we were driving to the
church to email and we got stuck... So then we got our phone out to
call the district leaders to tell them and ask what we should do,
well.... We had like 2 missed called from them and they told us not to
leave our apartment... Tooo late. Hahaha but then some cool people
came and helped us. Dont worry we have some pics.
Haha I am really happy and excited to be here and to serve here!!! :)
it's going to definitely be an adventure :) sounds like yall had a
great week!! Im so happy that the UTES are killing it! That's what's
up! Overall things are great. Besides being locked in the apartment
all day, things are good :)
Love you all so much! Have a good week :)
Lizzy :)


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