Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I cho cho chooooose you‏

Wow so today is just already a crazy day. Well so I'm getting
transferred! I am going to Clarksville Spanish. I am pretty excited!
But also very nervous! My new companion is going to be Hermana LaPine.
I haven't met her but everyone says she is great! I'm mostly nervous
because we are white washing elders out of the area. I'm excited! I
mean both my areas I have white washed in, so that's basically all I
know! I'm pretty stressed out right now trying to pack and everything.
I mean we have never moved before so I have no idea how stressful it
is to pack everything. I am so sad to be leaving columbia. I'm excited
though because the work is picking up, fast! And Hermana torres is
training a new missionary and so I'm excited for them! When president
called on Saturday with transfer calls I just cried and cried. It was
pretty embarrassing... But I am just so sad. To leave my cute girls
and Narsico and Hermana torres! We are like the dream team...
Seriously. So sad. But it will be good! Narsico is getting baptized on
the 22nd so I will come back for that ! :)
This week was a crazy great week! We are seeing tons of miracles. It
kind of makes me sad to be leaving because so much good stuff is just
about to happen here... Oh well that's okay :) on Wednesday we were
doing our finding and we were in this neighborhood and all the kids
had just gotten out of school. Hermana Torres was on the phone
translating for one of our less actives and so I was just looking and
thinking where we could go. Then I saw a little Hispanic boy walking
down the rode home from school. I may or may not have stalked him a
little... After Hermana Torres got off the phone I told her we should
try the house the little boy went to. So we did. That's when we met
Jessie! She is this way cute Hispanic lady and get this, she was
taught by the last set of sisters who were here like 7 years ago! It
was so cool! We are going to see her today. I'm pretty excited. I
guess my stalking skills are paying off here in the mission.
Also yesterday was like the BEST miracle ever!! We had 9 INVESTIGATORS
AT CHURCH!!! What?! And two less actives! Narsico was able to come to
church and so he is so on track for his baptism! Yahoo keep him in
your prayers. Then we had the 3 girls. And they just are so adorable
and cute. They love church. Sabu came and he should be ready for
baptism on the 22nd too! Franco another one of our investigators came
too! He actually picks up one of our less actives for church every
Sunday too. He is awesome. But then here is are miracle. A couple of
weeks ago this lady called us asking about English classes we told her
we were going to start them up again soon. We then told her how we are
missionaries and told her about the message and asked if we could come
see her again. She said yes and asked the the address for the church.
We have been trying to go and see her but never have been able to get
a hold of her! And she and her son and daughter just came to church
yesterday!!! and after she was like "so how can I get you to come
visit me!" What? That never happens. And this guy we met at Walmart
just came to church too! It was seriously the best day at church ever.
I am so grateful that all our hard work is starting to work and we are
able to see so many miracles.
Man I am just so sad to leave the people here. They are amazing.
Columbia will forever have a huge spot in my heart forever! But I am
excited to start in my new area too! And to not have to smell like a
smoker anymore too ;)
I am so sad to hear about Kristi soffe's mom. They will be in my
prayers for sure. 
But it Sounds like everything is going good at home!
And also mom I am glad you are starting to work some more too. It's
good for you haha it well keep you busy until E gets home. So crazy
she comes home so soon. Wahhhhh. Well I hope you guys have a fun safe
week! I love you sooooo much!!!
Lizzy :)
Hma torres and I with our libros

The Pennington and odom family (right after I found out I was
leaving...a little tears eyed )

My homie Narsico

My Girls

Burger I had a a place called pucketts. Brandon will like this.
Cheeseburger with pulled pork and baked beans. Yum

Me and Hermana margarita. I loooooove her!

One of my favorite families ! Margarita and her niños

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