Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Say what?? Can you believe I have been on my mission 6 months this week? CRAZY! I got your valentine package and I loved it! Thank you soooooo much :) seriously, just what I needed! Mom how did you know I needed more hair ties?? Thank you for being so in tune with the spirit. :) sounds like yall had a great week though! Dad I was dying laughing about the lady named Devlin.... That's hilarious. Pile of feces mommy, I am sorry you have had a cold too :( I hope you start feeling better so that you can have a great week up at the basketball tourney! I'm sad I won't be able to hang out with you up there this year... Try not to get tooo annoyed with those Lone Peak people.....

Well this week was crazy!! First off, What is up with this weather?? It was really cold and snowy and rainy and windy this passed week. Thankfully it wasn't as bad here in Clarksville as it was in other places in tennessee.  We only were home bound in our apartments all of Monday, and since that was PDAY that wasn't too bad. The thing is about people in the south, they don't know how to handle weather.... The schools were all closed this passed week. THE WHOLE WEEK.... We got probably 1-2 inches of snow... And so literally everything was like closed all week... You would think that would be great for missionary work, right? Because everyone is home.. Well wrong. All our appointments canceled on us and then no one would let us in... It was a struggle this week. But we did have some way awesome experiences and saw great Miracles.

Well, we have a baptism set for Saturday! I am pretty excited. This boy justin who is 11 will be getting baptized. It's pretty exciting! His mom is a member and his dad isn't. He had to ask his dad for permission and he was pretty scared and Just never did... Well we had a dinner with them on Friday and really encouraged him to ask his dad, we went over yesterday and he had asked his dad and he said yes! We are all pretty excited. We are pretty sure justin is excited as well, but we can't really tell.... He is a very serious person and doesn't show much emotion at all.. But hey he wants to be baptized so I guess that's all the emotions we really need, right? ;)

Okay next is about Brooke!!! SHE IS AMAZING. So last week at church we met this lady who just came with the bishops wife, her name is Brooke. And her husband is in the military and he is deployed right now, and so the elders can't really teach her, so we got her information and planned to go see her on Tuesday. THIS IS PROOF THAT THE GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES! So we go over Tuesday. She is so cute. So her husband is a member but became inactive when he was in high school. They got married and then a few months later he got deployed.. Sad :( well so she is like a southern baptist. So her mother in law has really been reaching out to her lately since her husband has been gone, and sent the missionaries over. So like a month ago some missionaries went and visited her, gave her a Book of Mormon then never came back... Elders..... So, we went and taught her the restoration. She reallllllly likes it and has soooo many questions. Also she had already been reading the Book of Mormon and was in 2 Nephi. Say what! So we went back on Friday and she had written in her notebook like all these questions she had. We went through some and so that was really fun! Just to have questions think about them then use the scriptures right there to answer them! We didn't get through all of them so we went back on Saturday with a member. It was great! We walk in and she is like playing hymns on her phone. We are like "are those hymns?" And she is just like "yeah! They have like a pandora station. I just really want to have a home that really invites the spirit." WHO IS THIS PERSON. we finish answering her questions, and man she had awesome questions. One was "How can I prepare to go to the temple and be sealed with my husband?" Wow it was great. The only problem is her husband has kind of a hard heart.... And he might take a little bit to come back to church but that's not gonna stop Brooke... She told him that if they wanted a successful happy marriage they needed to have the gospel in it. What 21 year old just says that!? She then asked if her father in law could baptize her.... So right now, only knowing her a week, she is halfway through the Book of Mormon, wants to be baptized, and is wanting to prepare to be sealed in the temple. seriously she is amazing. I know that the gospel can change lives. And to truly be happy we need to be living the gospel principles. I am so thankful for the gospel and how it changes me everyday!!

Overall this week was slow, cold, but awesome!! I am so excited for this area! Thank you for all the love you give me, I can really feel the prayers. I love you all, and I hope you have a great fun week!! 

Lizzy :)

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