Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I won a jalapeño eating contest‏

Hello my dear family !
I hope all is going well with you back at home. It sounds like it was
a great week and that dad had a busy but very fun birthday !! Good I
am glad :) I hope you enjoyed your day !
Wow, well this week was crazy ! And it went by soooooo dang fast it
kind of freaked me out a little bit. Where is the time going ? Okay
but this week was filled with amazing things and I am excited to
report on them :)
Okay I want to start off with Monday's BIG miracle. So all our
appointments canceled and so we were tracking and then decided to go
and try a less active family. Well Hermana Dansie is driving and she
just starts driving the opposite way and she says she thinks that we
should go and try to contact a referral we received from one of our
Ward members. So we go and we knock on the door, and that is where we
meet Ausencia. She lets us in her house and we start getting to know
her and she like knows everyone from our branch ! She tells us like 12
years ago she use to meet with missionaries. What?! Crazy. She was so
nice and we set another return appointment with her for later in the
week. Well so flash forward to after Jasieda's baptism on Tuesday we
start telling some of the ward members about Ausencia and asking them
if they know her, and it turns out that she is a MEMBER and they have
been trying to find her and contact her for like the last 10 years and
they haven't been able to find her. Well, now, she is found :)
miracles !
I went to my very first MLC and it was so great ! We had some awesome
training and I just have to say how much I adore President and Sister
Andersen. They are seriously amazing ! President focused a lot on a
talk by Elder Holland, The First Great Commandment, and it was
awesome. It really made me think about my loyalty to The Lord, the
gospel, and my investigators. I would suggest that you all read it,
it's awesome :) it was fun to see a lot of mission friends as well at
MLC. Overall that meeting was great, and to end the night with a bang,
Jasieda got baptized !! :) it was a great baptism and she is so
adorable. I am so proud of her. She has really changed since we have
been getting her ready for baptism these last few weeks, and her
desire to learn and share the gospel has grown as well ! Just like
Elder Nelson said, it's time to catch the wave Water wave hehe but really, it
was a great baptism. And even better, it's been so cool to see her
dad, Jose, change by seeing his daughter get baptized. Aida told us
that that night after the baptism he went home and started reading the
Book of Mormon by himself. Which is like a HUGE step for him, because
he usually always just listens, never reads  by himself. How cool ? I
am so happy for this family :)
Wednesday we went on an exchange with the sisters in the providence
area, and it was really fun ! I went to providence with sister monson.
She is a new missionary just starting her second transfer in the
field. It was a lot of fun but we did a lot of tracking, which I think
is always fun. And we even rode bikes, as surprising as this may
sound, I actually miss riding my bike ! Crazy, right? Haha it was fun
:) and even better that night for dinner, a member made us cafe rio
salad, blessings ! :)
Friday was our big day this week ! We had a zone meeting and I had to
give a 35 minute training on Retention and working with the ward
council. I was soooooo nervous, but I think it went pretty well and I
hope I got my message across about the importance of working with our
Ward members and our Ward council members. It was a great zone meeting
and I am in a great zone ! I also got to see Hermana Rudolph because
she just came into the zone. It was great seeing her ! I had missed
her Smiling face (black and white)️ then Friday night was our big multicultural activity! It was SO
much fun !! I tried to get a lot of photo but they are all kind of
blurry, but I will send you the ones that turned out semi okay. It was
a great activity. We combined with 2 other branches so that was really
fun as well. And that meant Hermana Torres was there, I was so happy
to see her. Even better, out of our branch we had 7 investigators and
4 non members that came with members to the event ! How cool is that?
It was so fun ! And of course, the food was delicious.
This week was very busy, so let's just say I have been sleeping like a
rock every night, which has been good. But I am excited to get back
into the grind of things and have a less crazy week this next week :)
this week I had some really good spiritual insight on the power of
prayer. I am so grateful for prayer in my life and how many blessings
I have been given and how many miracles I have seen through the power
of prayer. I have really come to learn what meaningful prayer is, and
the importance of meaningful, heartfelt prayer. I hope you all can
continue to involve the lord in your daily lives and continue to watch
how you change as you involve the lord and pray unto him always :)
Thanks for all your love and support !! I hope yall have a great week
next week :) try not to miss me too much during Salsa Saturday Dancer🏼Winking face
Les quiero mucho !!
Hermana Brown

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