Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunny and 75 + some crazy rainstorms

Hello my cool family ! Sounds like this last week was pretty great!
Also I am happy to hear the Utes are on another winning streak too bad
for the Aggies Cow-face also happy 29th wedding anniversary to the coolest
most awesome parents ever! I am so grateful you two got married. I
love you both and my family :)
This week was a great week! It was a little slow at some points but
other times it seemed like there just wasn't enough time to do all the
things we needed or wanted to do. But all in all it was great !
Really funny / crazy tracking story. So we were knocking doors in this
apartment complex and we knock this door and we hear this lady yell
"who is it?" We say "the missionaries" and then the fun begins... Haha
she opens the door, and it's like this old grandma and the first
thing she says to us, in a rather harsh tone of voice is "where do you
live?"  And I am just like what? I am not telling this lady where I
live. So we are just like "here in hermitage" and she goes "I know
here in hermitage but where ?!" And I'm like.... Um "just down the
street ?" And she is like "what is it called ?!" And I just am like
"uh the colonnade apts ?" And it was just so weird. But we were able
to talk with her and we tried to share a message but she just talked
the whole time, but it was just so funny, but also a little
Oh another cool story ! So we were trying some potential investigators
and we knocked on this duplex and the son answered the door and his
mom comes to the door and is like "oh yes come in. Sit. Sit. " (ps
they are from Vietnam) and they all like leave to the back room, and
we are just like uhhhh where did they go? Haha but then the mom comes
out with the 14 yr old daughter to talk with us because no one else
speaks English really well. Anyway it was so cool and we totally were
able to teach her. Her name is T and like is super open to the gospel.
It was a really cool miracle :)
Okay So our investigator Lupe is just so cool. We had a really cool
lesson with him yesterday too ! He has now been coming to church for
almost 7 weeks ! Last week we invited him to be baptized and he said
he would but he felt like he really needed to pray about it. Well
yesterday we were teaching him at our branch presidents house and we
asked him about it.., he said yes he really wants to get baptized !!!
Yahoo ! :) he said he feels like this is what is right for him. He
said the only thing is, he feels like he really needs to talk to his
parents about it, but I know that the Lord has a plan for him and that
he will get baptized! This transfer ! I just know it !
Also, Jasieda gets baptized, TOMORROW ! I love this little girl so
dang much. Tomorrow is her 8th birthday and all she wanted was to get
baptized on her birthday. How sweet, right?! She has been counting
down the days till her baptism :) yesterday she had her baptismal
interview and man she is just so ready. We were filling out her
baptismal record last night and were having her dad sign it since she
is a minor, and he asked her "are you sure you want me to sign this so
you can get baptized?" (Jokingly of course Winking face) and she goes "um
yes!!!" And he says "I'm not sure...." Then she replies "if you don't
I will do it for you. I am getting baptized " ahhh it was so cute :)
she is such an example to her family ! It will be a great day when her
mom and dad get married and baptized as well :) the gospel is soooooo
good !!! :)
This next week is going to be so crazy but so much fun as well. We
have so many things going on, it's ridiculous, but will at the same
time be so fun. Oh and thank you SO much for sending me that dress. We
have out big cultural fair on Friday and I am so excited to wear my
dress estilo mexicano ! It will be a blast. All the missionaries are
going to sing "Called to Serve" so that will be cool too :)
I hope yall have a great week :) and a early HAPPY BIRTHDAY s/o to the
best dad ever as well ! I hope you have a great day :) thanks for all
you do for me. I am blessed to have such a great family ! And I am so
grateful to be a missionary. Some days it's just so hard and all I
want to do is sleep or cry. Or both , BUT it's so rewarding! It truly
is amazing to be an instrument for the Lord.
Love yall !
Hermana Brown
Thunderstorms during the day always lead to a beautiful sunset !

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