Sunday, September 13, 2015

Transfer #2 in Buena Vista !‏

Hello my dear family!

Happy Labor Day!! I hope yall have a fun relaxing day :)

This week has been really fun and wow it went by waaaayyyyy to fast. that's for sure! But it was really fun! First off, we got our transfer information on Saturday! looks like I will be staying in Hermitage for another transfer. Yahoo! That makes me pretty excited! We are seeing a lot of great things happening here, and I am pretty excited to see how this next transfer goes. I got a feeling its gonna be a good one!

First I want to tell yall about Mira and Robert Nunez. So on Tuesday we decided we would try and contact a bunch of potentials in our area book. We went to 'the bonnas' like this neighborhood where every street is named bonna something, so for example there is bonnacorft, bonnasprings, bonnahill. you get the picture, anyway we were in the bonnas and we decided to try a lady named, Mira. and she let us in right away! She is so cute and so nice. Missionaries had visited with like one or two other times, but never really shared a message with her. She said she is a little hesitate learning about other religions because she just doesn't want to get confused or anything. We just sat and listened. It was a really cool experience and the spirit definitely was there! we talked a lot about the holy ghost. Well, we asked if we could come by again and share a message with her and her husband, she quickly said yes and we set another appointment for Thursday. Well Thursday came around and we went to our appointment and it was great! her husband Robert was there and you guys, they are seriously the nicest people ever! we had a great lesson about Jesus Christ and who he is to each of us. It was really cool because Robert was like "Its pretty crazy that you girls just keep showing up at our house, to be it feels like God is trying to say something" It was great! we have another appointment to go see them next week :) we are pretty excited.

The next person I want to tell yall about is Lupe! Okay so this guy is so cool! He has been coming to church for the past 6 weeks now, and he really loves it. yesterday after church we went over to presidente burgos' house to teach him the plan of salvation! it was great. He said he has always had questions about where we came from, and where we are going after this life. It was awesome :) we invited him to be baptized on October 10th, and he said he would pray about it. yahoo! we have been so blessed to teach him, and watch him progress little by little over the last 6 weeks. I just know he will get baptized this transfer :) he is awesome!

Lastly, I want to tell you about Carmen. She is a recent convert of about 8 months or so, and the mom of Aida (one of our progressing investigators) and I just adore this lady. She is 71 and has a life full of crazy stories. But its been really cool to see her grow in the gospel. we were over visiting her on Saturday afternoon and she just bore her testimony of the church and of the book of Mormon. she loves it so much and she knows its so true. I am grateful I have the opportunity to serve with this sweet lady. To me, its just another testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ really can and does change peoples lives. But you also have to be pretty careful, she can get pretty feisty sometimes ;)

I feel bad like this email is short and not full of too much detail. But it has been a great week. we are slowly, but surely, finding more and more people to teach. So that's always good :)

I am glad to hear that all is well at home :) also I was stoked to hear that the UTES won! That's awesome :) anyway, I love you family!! I am so grateful for all of your examples to me :) I hope you have a great week!! love yall so much!

Hermana Brown :)

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