Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I want you to want me...... the song I sing to all our investigators‏

Hello family !
Seems like we just talked 🙃 
HAPPY NEW YEAR ! It sounded like y'all had a good new year and I am so happy :) I had a great one as well. we had to come in early at 6 but we watched the best two years, had a bottle of Martinelli , and ate cinnamon roles. My kind of new year celebration. Friday was super fun! we had an all day super pday ! It was so strange not doing any missionary work... We went to eat at a members house and after an hour I was feeling anxious like we needed to leave and then I realized we actually could stay longer... It was still weird. Also we went to the church and played basketball and soccer with some members and investigators, it was so much fun ! Also I sent mom this video, but I learned how to rope ! I will send it again so y'all can see my wicked skills Winking face

So as for this week it was good ! It was SUCH a strange week though. It's the best time of the year to teach everyone about the gospel because it's Christmas and then everyone is setting goals to improve for the next year but at the same time it's sooooo hard to find people who want listen. But it will be good this next week to get back into the normal mission life too :) 

I went on an exchange this week and I went to Murfreesboro and was with a cute sister, Sister Orchard and we had A HUGE MIRACLE !!! So we had a lesson at 7:30 and our lesson at 6:30 fell through so we decided since we were going to meet at the church for the lesson at 7:30 we should just try potentials that live close to the church. So we decided to go see this guy Jeff. We pull up to the house, pray, and knock on the door. Then we just hear loud loud barking inside and I'm tell you guys, my fear of dogs has skyrocketed while being on my mission because EVERYONE has huge dogs and none of them are ever tied up or anything. Then the door opens and like the biggest pit bull ever is right there and in my head I am like oh no.... It's gonna attack and go right for my neck and I am gonna die.... I turned as stiff as a board haha turns out that was a nice pit bull... Who knew those existed, am I right ? Anyway the lady says "hey come in come in" and we are like okay, why not. So then that's when we met Amanda and she is soooo nice ! And she was saying how she use to meet with the missionaries and how she had gone to church a couple times and she really liked it and everything. So we are thinking like hey they must have really been teaching this Jeff guy and his family, sweet ! So then she is talking about her husband and we were like , not wanting to be creeps and already knowing her husbands name, asked what his name was and she is like , his name is Matt. WHAT ? Who are these people?! So come to find out, they had been living in another part of town and had been meeting with the missionaries there and really loved it, but then they put elders in and it was just hard for her because she felt a little uncomfortable.. Then about 4 months ago they moved into the house they are in now , and no one had had record of them or where they moved to. But since God is a God of miracles and is full of mercy he lead us exactly to them ! It was awesome Smiling face with smiling eyes one of those moments when you truly know that was the spirit guiding you exactly where you needed to be. 

Now onto Lupe ! So last week we invited him to be baptized for the 9th. It was kind of a semi solid semi soft date, not 100% sure thing. Through out the week we tried to call and talk with him and follow up and stuff but we weren't able to meet with him last week... THANK YOU MOM FOR PRAYING FOR HIM, because this is what happened next:.....

Saturday we had a baptism for a little boy named Jazer. I love this kid. His mom and him were just coming back to church when I got here and his mom asked us since they had been less active for so much of jazzers life (since he was like 2-7) if we would teach him since he would be turning 8 in December. So every week we would teach the smartest, sweetest, cutest 7 year old and I just have felt so blessed to watch him grow Smiling face with smiling eyes anyway so he got baptized on Saturday !! And it was awesome and Lupe came as well! We were freaking out because it was starting and he still wasn't there ..... Hna Dansie gave the talk on baptism and I just told her to keep talking until he got there haha thankfully he walked in right before she ended. That's the first miracle. Then Jazer got baptized and it was awesome the room was just filled with peace and happiness. Since it wasn't a convert baptism he was able to receive the Holy Ghost right after. Through out my mission I have had many times where I am felt the spirit super super strong, but I think this was the strongest. When the words were said, receive the Holy Ghost, the spirit filled the Room. It was incredible. It wasn't just something you could feel in your heart, your could feel it in your whole body. I'm not really sure how else to explain it. 

After the baptism we had a lesson with Lupe in the chapel, the best place to have lessons, and we asked him how he felt about the baptism.  He said he really liked it but he really liked the part when Jazer got the Holy Ghost, he said "I could just feel something, a type of energy just running through my body" we said told him that was the Holy Ghost telling him that these things are true and correct and right. We asked about how he felt about being baptized he seemed a little un sure and he said he still had some doubts. We talked a little more about the spirit and then talked about prophets. We showed him a video clip of some of the apostles and president monson testifying of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong. After the video he looked at us and said with the most confidence ever , "I am getting baptized on Saturday" ....... !!!!!!!!!!! It's those moments when you know that the work you are doing isn't your work, you aren't the teacher, but it's the Lord's work and the spirit is the true teacher. 

I don't know how else to express myself. I am SO happy !!!!! And so excited !!! My heart is filled with gratitude for the chance that I have been able to have to have so many of these amazing, life changing experiences. The gospel is true!! And this work is true :) 

I am sorry i always have such long emails, but you guys know me, I gotta tell you everything I am thinking Winking face Saturday are transfer calls.... And my companion goes home in a week from tomorrow.... It will be strange getting a new comp after 6 months... And Starting my last transfer... But it will be an adventure and I am excited to keep working hard and doing the Lord's work :)  

I hope you all have a good week, good luck mommy on your surgery, I know you will do great !! I will keep fasting and praying for you Smiling face with smiling eyes and as for the rest of you, take care of my mommy!! 
I love y'all so much. Thank you so much for your prayers, as you can see, they are really helping ! Have a great week :) 

Heavy black heartXO
Hermana Brown

On exchanges Smiling face with smiling eyes

Jazer's baptism

Last week at the grand ole Opry Thumbs up signThumbs up signhanging out with Brad and
dolly and Martina

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