Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stress case - the last 6 weeks‏

Hello family !
Sorry I am writing so early today, it's gonna be a crazy busy day. We
got up extra early so we could get our studies done earlier so we
could have more time to get all that we have to do, done. This week
was a crazy week and I am excited to tell y'all about it :)
First off, I am very happy to hear that everything went great with mom
and her surgery! That makes me very happy :) I am grateful for the
power of the priesthood and fasting and prayer. I hope my cute mom
keeps feeling better! I know you are being taken care of by a great
husband  and Ward and family and friends :)
So as for this week it was nuts. But to hit all the good news first.
Lupe got baptized on Saturday !!!! Yahoooooooooo ! It was awesome :)
let me just tell you, opposition in all things is a real thing. For
the investigator and the missionaries haha. Lupe was hit pretty hard
with some opposition the DAY BEFORE HIS BAPTISM. I don't think I have
ever prayed or fasted so much in my whole life as I did this last
week. We had our last lesson with him on Friday and when he got there
he was just acting so strange. Anyway after talking for a while we
finally got him to open up about what was happening. He said he had
talked to his mom about his baptism and how she was just so sad
because she felt like she failed at raising her son. He said he just
feels like his parents are so disappointed in him. But he said he knew
this was what he needed to do, and it's the right thing. What a champ
!!! I know that the lord is so pleased with the faith Lupe has! I know
he has great things and blessings in store for him Thumbs up sign
Although it was stressful up unto the point of the baptism, everything
worked out great :) I am so excited for him. And yesterday he was
confirmed and received the Holy Ghost, and that was awesome. The
spirit was so strong, and he even surprised everyone by making a grand
entrance by coming to a church in a suit ! We told him to be a little
early , because he always is making it a little late to church, anyway
so it's like 12:58 and we are freaking out because he isn't there yet.
So we are not trying to panic or anything and then he just like walks
in, in this like nice suit, everyone was like "woah" haha he has never
even wore a white shirt or slacks to church before, so that was cool.
Anyway, it was good and I honestly can see a different light in him !
That was the best part of this whole week Smiling face with smiling eyes
Now onto the transfer information.... For my last transfer of my
mission I will be staying here in Buena Vista !!!!!!!!!!! And I am
training a new missionary ! What. I was so shocked. But I am so
excited ! We had interviews on Wednesday with president and the first
thing he said was that he wanted to talk to me about transfers. He
asked me to train a new missionary and then he told me I would be
staying in Buena vista !!! I started screaming I was so happy I
thought I was going to cry ! That was awesome. I am kind of freaked
out to train a new missionary, because I never have, but it will fun I
think :) and it will be an awesome way to end my last transfer ! God
is good Smiling face with smiling eyes
It's pretty crazy that Hna Dansie is leaving, tomorrow! It's been
awesome serving with her and we have been able to see so many miracles
and have some awesome experiences together. She is awesome. I will
tell her to come visit y'all and everything so y'all can go to her
homecoming too. It will be strange having a new comp after being with
the same one for the last 6 months, but I am excited for this next
I am grateful for this opportunity I have to be a full time missionary
! There is nothing better to compare it to. I am excited to see how
these next 6 weeks go and I am excited to work as hard as I can to
finish strong and to fight the good fight.
I love y'all and I hope y'all have a grrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeat week ! I am
grateful for your prayers and I can feel them, especially on those
extra hard days. Be safe and I hope y'all don't freeze ! Snowflake️ Love you
sooooo much !
Hna Brown
Dia de los 3 reyes ! Rosca de reyes, soooo good!

There are 3 little toy baby Jesus's baked into it, and who ever gets
it has to make tamales for everyone on February 2 haha Hna Dansie got

Lupe's baptism ! Kind of a blurry pic but that's okay.

Prefecture my papusa making skills Smiling face with smiling eyes

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