Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mapache en la basura‏

Helllllllllo !
Happy Monday ! I hope y'all had a great week and doing good ! And the
good news is that thankfully January is almost over because I am so
done with January, ya know how you can just get the January blues, so
that is good Winking face
This week was pretty good for me.... It was long and hard and I truly
felt like Mosiah 23:21 Was the theme of the week....  "Nevertheless
the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their
patience and their faith" literally the story of our life this last
week. Like seriously !! We had so many set lessons this week with
members ready and willing to come with us and then they would cancel
as we were standing on their porch or like 5 minutes before the
lesson... It was a little hard not to complain, but I feel like I have
learned a lot on my mission about having the faith and trusting in the
promises of the lord that all will work out AND because God is
merciful our week ended like in the following verse, Mosiah 23:22
"Nevertheless whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be
lifted up at the last day." So I am pretty grateful, overall it was a
hard week, but a good one and I know as we keep putting our faith in
the lord we will continue to see tons of miracles this next week too.
Something cool this week : we had a worldwide missionary broadcast
which all the missionaries in the world watched and it was AWESOME !
It was titled "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" it was so sweet.
We watched awesome trainings from Elder Neil L Andersen, Elder David A
Bednar, Elder W. Christopher Liddel, Sister Bonnie L Oscarson, Elder L
Whitney Clayton, Elder Brent H Neilson, and Elder Dallin H Oaks. It
was literally what you would call incredible. Ans I am so grateful I
am able to be a full time missionary right now. Seriously. The spirit
touched my heart so strongly as these leaders of the church bore their
testimonies of missionaries work, I know this is where I need to be,
right now in my life. And I am so grateful I am here :) and it was
just what I needed so I can end this last month running !
We also went on exchanges this week which was really and very much
needed because TRAINING IS HARD. Seriously it's some tough stuff...
But I am loving it and I am learning a lot, so that is good. I think
training is mostly hard because all my comps I have had before have
always been older than me in the mission and we both knew what we were
doing... So I am not use to teaching someone all the rules, and to be
hard, that is a little hard for me to do. But it's okay, things are
getting better and Hna Reynolds is adjusting little by little. Anyway,
we went on exchanges and Sister Woods came her with me. It was strange
not being the STL on the exchange but also kind of nice. We had an
awesome day together ! We also found a new investigator, Pilar !! She
is so cool and so cute ! She was asking all about the church and how
it would benefit her family. I am so excited to see what the lord has
in store for not only us, but Pilar and her family :)
Friday we got up and to our surprise it was snowing... Buckets !! Like
so much snow. And everything was just white white white !! And so
instead of switching back from our exchange we ended up being on
exchanges all Friday as well and we had to stay inside... It was
seriously soooooo tiring . Friday we also had to do our weekly
planning, so that is always fun, doing weekly planning without your
actual companion... Haha but sister woods is awesome so it was fun to
stay on exchanges and she just left from serving in Clarksville so we
were catching up on all the people there too so that was nice :)
And since there was still snow on the ground yesterday , we even had
church canceled.... Southern people and snow just don't get along too
well... Haha but it's okay because we were able to have a GREAT DAY
yesterday and it totally made up for all the hard and crappy other
days we had this week, so I am very content and happy :)
Oh little update Lupe is doing great. We taught him about the
priesthood yesterday and he is preparing to get it in two weeks, so
that should we sweet ! Presidente Burgos, his sone Heber, and Lupe are
all going to salt lake this next week so that should be pretty sweet !
They are going to go to temple square and everything so I am pretty
excited for Lupe to get to see the temple and all that jazz, so that
should be sweet. I am going to give them our address if they have time
to stop by and say hello :) I don't know because they have a wedding
and then are going to be coming back, it's just a short little trip,
but maybe they will stop by Winking face
Well I think that's really all about it for this week. This next week
will be a great week and I am hoping for no more snow too... I am on
limited time and I don't want to be stuck inside anymore.. I love
y'all so much. Thanks for the support you have given me throughout my
mission. I know the lord is hearing your prayers and I feel so
blessed. I am praying for you all as well :) have a great week!!
Hna Brown
Ps... SWAG

Old pic, but back when we had MLC with Elder Zwick

Frozen fountain outside our apartment complexes my head is kind of
in the way...

Literally why people in Tennessee should not drive their cars in the snow

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