Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let's get coconutty‏

Hello family !!
Happy Monday ! For the first time in a long time I am just soooo
thankful that it is Monday haha usually the weeks go by so fast that I
can't believe it's Monday again. This week was a little bit of the
opposite. It seemed to be a little bit on the longer side. But that's
okay, because it was still a great week :)
So to start off Hna Dansie went home, that was pretty sad. I will miss
her! She has become one of my best friends, kind of inevitable after
being with each other for more than 6 months 24/7. It's kind of weird
because the first couple of days it felt like we were just on an
exchange, but then we never exchanged back haha but it's okay because
my new comp is Hna Reynolds ! She is super cute, from Alpine Ut and
fresh out of high school. And she is so ready to do the work! And even
better, her Spanish is really good!! So that has been a blessing in my
part ! I really like training but it is stressful, especially in how
big our area is, kind of hard taking it over on my part, but it's
still fun and I am happy :) I think Hna Reynolds is a little sad when
she realized how many hours of study you have to do in the morning as
well as an extra hour of training, but I think she is getting used to
it :) also I like training this last transfer because like wow !! I
have realized and seen HOW much I have truly grown since I came out on
my mission. It's so awesome. I am so grateful for the Lord! And for
his willingness to mold me into the person he needs me to be. I am
just very grateful Smiling face with smiling eyes
Well in for this week, after one week, Lupe is still active ! That's a
blessing ! And he is progressing and he just says how happy he is in
his life, and you can truly see it too! He totally has a different
light about him :) We had a cool stake conference that was broadcasted
from Salt Lake to the North America Southeast area yesterday and it
was really cool. Elder L Whitney Clayton, Sister Linda R Reeves, Elder
Robert A Rasband, and Elder Robert D Hales all spoke to us, and it was
awesome :) we had a couple less actives and recent converts and
investigators come and it was so sweet ! They all loved it. My
favorites were from Elder Rasband and Elder Hales. They both talked
about holy places. Elder rasband talked about the temple and elder
hales about how to make our homes a holy place . Thank you mom and dad
for making our home a holy place :)
MIRACLE this week.
So it was 8:30 and we decided to go and try to visit a few other
potential investigators. And the thought to go visit Glenda came to
mind. I'm not sure if I have really talked to much about Glenda or not
but she has kind of a crazy story. About 20 years ago she met the
missionaries in Honduras and really loved the gospel but never got
baptized. She moved here and she came in contact with the missionaries
here ! She loved the gospel and the Book of Mormon so much she named
her son she was pregnant with at the time Nefi. But then.....
Something happened and she didn't end up getting baptized and stopped
meeting with the missionaries completely. WELL so the missionaries
found her awhile back when knocking doors but she was very very closed
off and reserved. We had occasionally tried to go visit her every now
and then but she would rarely ever let us in or anything. So we went
and saw her. WELL. She like let's us right in, tells us to sit down,
gives us these big hugs and is just chatting with us like we are long
time best friends. What ??? I was sooo confused but at the same time
soooo happy ! We asked if we could share a message with her and she
said of course. So we talked about the Book of Mormon and she loved
it. The spirit was seriously so strong ! We invited her to read and
pray about the Book of Mormon and she said would. It was soooo
awesome. What you would truly call a spirit inspired lesson. :)
We are focusing a lot on a less active family in our branch, really
trying to get them to come back and be active again in the church. The
Lopez family. I love this family. They are so awesome ! Hno Lopez is
such a good guy too and has such a strong testimony. I know that they
will soon be back active at church, but keep them in your prayers
please :)
Overall this week was good, we did a lot of finding and teaching so I
am pleased! It's freezing today, 15 outside, but it feels like 1....
Vale la pena ! I am glad that all is going well back at home! I hope
y'all have a fantastic week ! Thanks for all yours prayers and the
support you give me, I am so thankful ! I love y'all soooo much !
Hna Brown
 Last pic with Hna Dansie and Aida at transfer meeting :)

SO HAPPY. This is Angie. She is one of the investigators Hna Torres
and I taught in my first area in Columbia and in October she got
baptized ! I saw her at transfers and I was almost in tears. I love
this woman Smiling face with smiling eyes

My daughter, Hna Reynolds :) she is literally a mix of I think all
my comps, I love it !

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