Friday, January 1, 2016

16 months‏

Familia ! 

Wow how great was it skyping on Friday ? It was awesome !! :) seriously it was the best thing ever. I had an amazing Christmas and I am so grateful I was able to have two Christmases on my mission :) mission Christmases are seriously the best. I hope y'all have a good rest of your week. We had a great rest of the week as well. It's been like 75 degrees so you know I'm not complaining at all Winking face

As for this week, it was busy but also super slow I don't know how to explain it. It went by so super fast but also slow... If that makes sense haha Monday and Wednesday we had the night to go caroling to all our investigators with members and I was sooooo excited ! But then it was pouring rain Monday night and Wednesday night we had to go in because there were tornado warnings and all the sirens and such were going off.... If you could just imagine how I was ..... My companion says "Hna are you okay ? You seemed stress" I just replied "I just really hate storms...." Hahaha still working on that, but to defend myself the storms here are soooo much crazier than those back at home Winking face 

Tuesday was a good day, we actually went and sang to this lady for her 100th birthday !!! It was so funny. She couldn't hear us and we were like screaming and still nothing.... Haha but it was so sweet :) she lives with her daughter and when I say it reminded me just like that spongebob espisode where the old lady still lives with her mom, it was literally like that but in real life form. I loved it Smiling face (black and white) then we did a lot of finding. Which was good because lately I have felt like we have been so busy that I haven't been able to get a good amount of finding in, which I love so it was great :) we were at this one apartment complex and I just wasn't feeling it so we decided to leave and go to another one down the street, it felt like we should be there. Then NO ONE talked to us... We tried to contact one old investigator there but when we went he wasn't home and one of his roommates was just leaving and didn't seem like he had much time to talk. We gave him a card and were on our way. I was a little sad that no one would talk to us.. I just couldn't understand why because we really felt like that's where we needed to be... But I have been trying to trust more in the lord and his timing and try not to lean to my own understandings... 

But then the coolest thing happened Wednesday night !! So we had to go in at 7 and so we started planning and such and then we got this text message from a number in Mexico saying "hi this is jose's friend and I wanted to know what is Mormon?" WHAT ?? We were freaking out but like we had no idea who it was, so we are jus trying to figure out what Jose and then we came to find out it was the room mate from the other day when we were finding. Miracles ! So we told him about the Book of Mormon and he was super interested. So, pray for Manual ! He is a miracle ! 

Now the last miracle of all is with Lupe !!!!! So on Saturday we were planning and the feeling to text Lupe just kept coming but we are like we don't know what to say..... But we felt like we really needed to meet with him but it's hard because we didn't know where or anything because he lives far away and yeah we just didn't know what to do. Then the idea came to call Byron and ask him if we can meet with Lupe at his house, so we called Byron and he said yes! So then we called Lupe and he said he could meet with us at that time too ! It was a miracle. The only thing was, we didn't know what exactly we needed to teach him about, because we usually always end up talking about baptism but we don't want to smother him with baptism but we felt like we needed to.... We had such a strong desire to invite him to be baptized the 9th of January... So our game plan was this, somehow invite him for the 9th but to not make him feel overwhelmed or pushed. THE SPIRIT IS SOOOOO AWESOME !!!!! So we go in there and we just start talking and we read the conversion story of Hna Dansie's abuelo because it's like the same as Lupe's haha and then Hna Dansie just goes "Lupe I go home in 2 weeks and I think mine and Hna Browns biggest desire is to see you baptized while we are both together and here." It was awesome Lupe just started opening up and saying how this whole week he has just been thinking about baptism and everything and how we wants to but he is really afraid his family in Mexico is going to like reject him and stuff..... But it's sweet to see how to spirit works because by the end of the lesson Lupe looked at a calendar (we didn't say anything about a specific date) and he says "I am really thinking about the 9th of January , that is just caught my attention" The spirit is real !!! Follow the impressions you receive and you will truly see the hand of the lord. I love this work and this gospel !!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR LUPE ! Clapping hands signClapping hands signClapping hands signClapping hands sign

Also HAPPY 2016!! I am so happy and blessed that I got to serve the whole year of 2015 as a missionary. It's been the best year of my life. I reflected on the goals I set this last year and I am proud to admit I was able to complete them, including NO COKE FOR A YEAR !!! Miracles are real. I never thought I would make it Winking face but really haha I am excited for what 2016 will bring. 

I think that's about it. Today we are goin to Opryland in Nashville so that should be pretty fun, I am excited :) I love y'all so much. Thanks for all the support and prayers and love you have given me. Have a great week !!! I love y'all !!! 

Hermana Brown


Christmas with the sisters in the district

Christmas morning presents as you can tell I still love mornings...

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